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We at Smart Sys are Industrial Automation Specialists. We design and install systems where computers of various types (DCS, PLC, SCADA, HMI, PC) are used to monitor and automatically control machinery to optimize processes and maximize efficiency. In doing this, we also handle the power distribution and instrumentation to safely provide power to and accurately monitor your process equipment. From small transmitters to large motors, Smart Sys gives you a one stop solution for all your controls and electrical needs.

A Honeywell DCS/TPS expertise, leading-edge HMI skills, and PLC talent on many different platforms, Smart Sys is an engineering innovator that is dedicated to customer service.

Smart Sys can also provide engineers to work directly under the customer's direction, at reasonable rates and costs. Smart Sys have a number of engineers currently involved in this arrangement with customers where we seamlessly integrate into the customer's team and organisation.


  • Start-up and Training

  • Consulting and Design

  • Control Cabinet Construction and Mounting

  • Project Management and Procurement

  • System and Application Engineering

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