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Automation Forum
Engineering comments - Inside Process
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Engineering P&ID standards in dwg and pdf format
Guidance for SIS definition
Self- Tuning Control
Tricks with PICs:
Would you put a mission critical network on wireless?
Qualify an Advanced Control Project:
Advanced Regulatory Control:
HMI Interface development
How to read P&IDs
Understanding Temperature and Transmitters
Combined control and safety debate
Terminology and Symbols in Control Engineering
Process Controller Tuning Guidelines

Consulting and Design

By working closely with you, we see the whole picture and take all relevant areas into consideration: from planning the electronic and I&C systems via the process control equipment to integration into the higher ERP level, the design is made from "a single mould". At the same, we can advise you on all automation-related questions and phases - whether you are designing a new plant or optimizing an existing one.

SmartSyscan provides the following Design Activities :

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Integration of 3rd party products into a DCS architecture
  • Plant Information Network Integration
  • System Design & I/O Segregation
  • Configuration Guidelines
  • Human Interface Concepts
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • Detailed Design Specifications
  • System Evaluation
  • Control System Safety Assessments (SIL)
  • Process Analysis / Technology Transfer
  • Bid Evaluations

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